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Ooohhh Look at Wesley's Bespoke Seats!

Just because you are in Ohio USA doesn't stop you from having bespoke seats made by us here at Park Lane Classics.


Saturday 16th September 2023

Long distance bespoke seat design can be a pleasure

Wes is in the USA and Park Lane Classics is in the heart of the UK, that's a long distance! That is no barrier to getting the interior that you REALLY want. Wes had a vision of combining tan and black in his interior. He definitely wanted leather for his seats but understood that vinyl is much better for surviving scuffs and scratches on the trim panels.

The good people at Martrim sent him some leather samples and I sent him some of my vinyls. Wes made his choices, bought the leather and had it delivered to me. From there it was simply a case of putting it all together and shipping it off. Simple!

Over to you Wes...

"Just thought I'd send along a few pics of my progress with the GT6. I finally got to recovering the seats and interior bits, and must say the quality of your kit is outstanding. Everything went together famously, and the instructions were terrific. I really wondered if this job was beyond my skill level, but I'm super happy with how they turned out."

Wes is much too modest in his own achievements. The seats are first rate. Leather is stiffer and less stretchy than vinyl so the finish that he has achieved is outstanding. As a perfectionist I love how the feet at the bottom of the radio housing are really neatly finished. The vinyl is designed to stretch a little to fit around curves just like Wesley has done.

Everything will look even better once they're fitted.


Like what you see?

I sent Wesley almost a complete interior. Here are some links if you've been inspired.

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