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Original Headrest Covers, New Foams... Simple!

Tackling on a new skill can be daunting. As Mick found out though, trimming a Spitfire or GT6 is well within the abilities of everyone and headrests are a great place to start.


Sunday 30th July 2023

"Do your headrest foams fit the original covers?"

This is a common question that I'm asked. "Yes they do." is my reply and Mick's smart headrest photos are here to prove it.

You can simply pour out the biscuit crumbs that your original headrest foam has become. Clean up your original cover and slip in fully moulded, supportive foam.

The foams need to be a snug fit to give a smooth finish. This can be tricky if your grip strength is a little low. One tip is to place the foam in a thin plastic bag and then shrink it by sucking out the air with a vacuum cleaner hose. Once in place, remove the hose and the foam will inflate. Trim the bag but leave most in place, it won't rustle.

After that it is simply a matter of following the instructions that I send with your foams.

Here's what Mick said

"I just wanted to let you know that I have finally got around to fitting the headrest foams. It is really nice to find an after-market product that just fits without any faffing about. Thank you for that, I am really pleased with finished result. I have attached a photo, it looks so much better. "

This was a really thoughtul message to receive and I'm glad that they turned out so well.


Like what you see?

If you want shapely, firm, supportive headrests like Mick then click on the link below.

You can buy them with or without covers.

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