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Customer Gallery

A chance for your to show off your hard work.


Retrimming can be a bit daunting if you've never done it before.


Here's what people just like you have achieved.
The results are stunning.


Customer First Initial

This is definitely my favourite section of the whole site, enjoy...

Nathan's tan interior

13 May 2024

Nathan brightened up his interior


Will's winter project

18 March 2024

From 'rags and powder' to smart new seats


Wesley's bespoke interior

16 September 2023

Tan leather seats in the USA

Nice and simple

30 July 2023

Mick found this so easy

Dom's saggy seats

28 July 2023

Smooth grain black vinyl

Colin's before during and after

14 July 2023

Hard to believe the change

John's new armrest

31 December 2021

From a split and shabby eyesore to smart new eye-candy

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