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If you want your interior to stand out from the crowd then we can help make that happen.

It might simply be a dash of coloured piping to match your paintwork. Then again, you might have dreamed of fiery red seats or a pure white interior that were made to your exact taste.

We have years of making your vision a reality, steering you away from the pitfalls and spending your budget wisely.

Step 1

Discuss your ideas and budget

Getting started is often the hardest part. There are so many choices of leather, vinyl and cloth that it can be overwhelming. 


Let me know your ideas  and we will work together to develop your concept.


I will give you an estimate on how much it will cost to make and ship, so no surprises.

Design notes for a bespoke Spitfire interior

Step 2

Find the perfect materials

There is no substitute for seeing, feeling and smelling the leather, vinyl and fabric for your bespoke trim.

I will guide you on what materials are suitable and what to avoid. I will suggest trusted suppliers who will be happy to send you all the samples you want. 

A selection of blue vinyl swatches

Step 3

Buying the right amount

Once your design is settled I can give you the final quote for making and shipping your trim.

I will also tell you exactly what materials you need. You buy them direct from the supplier, knowing that you're not paying commission. You can ask the supplier to send them directly to me, keeping the shipping costs down too.

Roll ends of vinyls and fabrics

Step 4

Cutting, gluing, sewing, welding

For me this is when things come together. For you, this is like Christmas Eve...

As soon as I receive your materials and payment I can start creating your lovely one-of-a-kind trim pieces.

Yvonne loves sewing bespoke seats. A bit of colour in the sewing room is like a bouquet of flowers.

A collection of parts ready to be sewn into a bespoke car seat cover

Step 5

Shipping and fitting

Finally it's arrived! The box that will transform your interior.


As well as your bespoke trim there will be plenty of instructions so that you can fit everything yourself. If you prefer to trust to a local trimmer then it's even easier. Either way, I will always be here for any advice or questions.

A beautiful Spitfire interior with bespoke seat covers and door boards
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