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Seat Finder

NEVER judge your seats by your car model! Here's why...

Most Spitfire and GT6 seats share the same 2 hinge points at the front. So owners found it easier to swap seats rather than retrimming them. I've seen a recliner headrest driver paired with a non recline in the same car. I've even seen two passenger seats in the same car!

Which seats do I have?

This handy guide lists all the Spitfire & GT6 seats and how to identify them. If you are unsure then email me at

Recliner Headrest

Last and most common of the Spitfire seats. Often fitted to earlier cars by owners for comfort and safety.

Recliner Non-Headrest

The last of the GT6 seats. Common design with the later Spitfires. Headrest removed for lack of headroom.

Recliner High Back

USA laws and customers demanded a safer and more cofortable seat. Became the starting point for the later recliner versions.

Non-Recliner Seat

More comfortable than the Mk3 Spitfire seats but lacking any adjustment or headrests. Tubular frame.

Spitfire Mk3 Bucket

Very vintage, they remind me of tractor seats. Little padding and very little support.

GT6 Mk2 Recliner

Plush seats with a hefty frame AND recline! Not often seen any more

GT6 Mk1 Boomerang

The boomerang makes entry and exit difficult. The two piece cushion is bonkers and it is tricky to trim up.

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