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Armrest Fitting Guide


The armrest kit is one of my favourites. It's quite straightforward to put together but you learn a lot of skills while you're doing it.

Download the fitting instructions here.

Download PDF • 279KB

Tools and materials

Strong scissors or a sharp craft knife

A thin plastic bag

Good quality solvent based contact adhesive (NOT spray glue)

A pencil


Tip 1. Wavy piping is one of the things that look bad on trim. The secret is to make sure where the cut edges of the seam are lying. Step 6 explains this, so make sure that the top seams lie down the sides for a good finish.

Tip 2. Baggy covers do not look smart. You avoid this by making sure that the foam is permanently compressed by the cover. Think of it like adding air to a saggy balloon or compressing a spring. Step 8 is the important point here, where you need to compress the foam so that it will spring back and stretch the cover tight.

Here are some more photos that should help.

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