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Armrest Retrim Kit is a Great Weekend Project

Updated: Jun 7

Small kits are great fun. They're pretty simple to complete and you get something really smart by the end of a pleasant afternoon.

5 February 2007

Relax with an armrest retrim kit and a kitchen table

Monday morning is a good time in my week.

People have spent the weekend working on their cars and I get to see the results on Monday. A great start to the week.

This is exactly what Jon did, sending me some photos of his re-trimmed armrest. He's done a great job and it will look even better when he gets it back in the car.

2024 Update

I've just added this to my new website and thought I should check the date and sure enough 2007 is correct. Back when Myspace was huge, the first iPhone was launched and the youngest Spitfire was a mere 27 years old... exciting times ;)


Like what you see?

Click on the link below to buy the same armrest retrim kit as Jon, a mere 17 years later. Where have you been!

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