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Visiting a Restorer - Workshop Life, Oct 2023

Updated: Jun 7

Wednesday 11 October 2023

I visited Andy at Prestige MG in Rugeley today. I was doing a favour for a customer who needed someone to fit their seats for them.

Prestige MG Rugeley A Classic Restorer Workshop in Staffordshire.

Andy's got a huge workshop with cars in different stages of restoration, including a Spitfire from another customer of mine. His philosophy is to get everything spot on which takes time but delivers proud customers and repeat business.

I wondered how he chooses which car to work on.

"Often it is down to the customer. Some have a deadline in mind while others move forward when funds allow. Then there's the problem of parts. I've got one car that has had two new windscreens delivered. Both were the wrong shape, a fault at the factory they say."

How to Fit Hogrings

Here's Andy with the white trim panels and seat covers I made a couple of years ago. He wanted to fit hogrings to the cushion but was running out of hands. Hogrings are the metal staples designed for skilled operators on a specially tooled production line. They are not suited to a novice trimmer working alone. I showed Andy the best method:

  1. loosely fit the cable ties

  2. squeeze the foam so that the cover is in the right place on the basket

  3. tighten several cable ties at once to spread the load

  4. release the foam

  5. once the cushion is fully fitted, a cable tie can easily be snipped off one at a time and replaced with a hogring

All smiles at the end of the day. It was great to see the seats in the car and a welcome change of scene.


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