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Dom's saggy seats

Smooth grain black vinyl

28 July 2023

Friday 28th July 2023

It can take some people months or years to take the plunge with re-trimming a pair of seats. Dominic is not one of these people.

"Ordered Monday and first seat done by end of today! They are excellent and so supportive. Wishing you the best for the future."

Dominic's work is wonderful, the covers are lovely and smooth. He used a complete retrim kit so the new webbing and foams will come into their own once he sits in the car.

One thing to note about the old covers (apart from the rain) are that the flute pads are top-sewn. This is where the stitching can be seen and is not how they should be made. The correct method needs specially notched foam pads and takes a lot longer to make. The result is a rounded rib that holds its shape and has the stitching hidden.

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