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Nathan's tan interior

Nathan brightened up his interior

13 May 2024

Monday 13th May 2024

Replacing a Spitfire interior is a lot easier than most cars. Its simple construction makes it possible to get splendid results even if this is your first time.

I sent a complete seat kit, interior panels and all the extras over to Nathan in the New Zealand. His seats are now firm, supportive and stunningly beautiful. The rear panel looks especially smart in my opinion.

If this was my car I'd enjoy sitting in a cafe, watching everyone admiring my handiwork.

"Hi Owen  

Sorry took a while to get these to you, took a bit of time to get everything finished.  Super happy with how it's turned out, the green and the biscuit really suit the car. Thanks for the awesome work you do fitting the panels was a breeze.


Cheers , Nathan "

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