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Cushion Basket Fitting Guide


The cushion fitted to Spitfire MkIV / 1500 and GT6 Mk3 is a fairly simple affair. The lack of solid fixings to the frame means that aligning it to the seat back is sketchy at best.

Download the fitting instructions here

Download PDF • 411KB

Tools & Materials

Strong scissors

A long, verysharp craft knife, preferably the type with snap segments along the blades

Standard pliers

Good quality solvent based contact adhesive e.g. Evostik (NOT spray adhesive)

100 cable ties 30cm x 4.5mm


Tip 1. When gluing the topper to the base there should be a 10mm (3/8") gap between the base wedge and the topper channel. This is to allow the 2 front wires of the basket to fit flat on the foam. The photos below show this quite well.

Tip 2. I get lots of questions about cutting the back of the topper legs. I've added some photos below to make this clearer.


Always take the frame to the cover, never stretch the cover to the frame.

You can tear your cover if you try to pull or hold it with only 1 or 2 cable ties.

Here's the correct method:

  1. Fit all the cable ties along 1 side loosely

  2. Squeeze the foam so that the cover is on top of the basket wire

  3. Pull at least 3 cable ties tight.

  4. Slowly release the foam.

  5. Repeat 2-3-4 for the remaining cable ties.

Tip 4. Do NOT use hogring pliers to fit the cover. You will tear the cover (see Tip 3).

Hogrings are designed for production lines where they have pneumatic hogring guns, hydraulic compression presses and trained operators.

If you want hogrings then fit the entire cover using cable ties THEN cut one cable tie free and replace it with a hogring. Repeat for the other cable ties, one at a time.

Here are some more photos that should help.

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