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Headrest Fitting Guide


The adjustable headrest is quite an easy job. The hardest thing may be removing the stem from the frame where the mechanism has rusted to pieces.

Download the fitting instructions here

Download PDF • 216KB

Tools & Materials

Strong scissors

Staple gun and staples



Tip 1. Take the cover off your old headrest over a bin. The foam will probably have turned to disgusting biscuit crumbs that make my skin crawl!

Tip 2. If you are using your own covers then the foam may feel a very tight fit - this is good! If you struggle to fit the foam inside the cover then:

  1. place the foam into a thin platic bag.

  2. insert a vacuum cleaner hose into the bag, hold the bag closed and switch on.

  3. the bag and foam will shrink allowing you to fit the cover.

  4. remove the vacuum hose and trim away the excess bag.

  5. manipulate the foam into postion leaving the bag in place.

Here are some more photos that should help.

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