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Gearstick gaiter sorted

A neat little addition to match your interior

27 July 2020

Unwanted hole

This turned out to be a fun little project.

I had wanted to make a gearstick gaiter but other projects had got in the way. I thought that the gaiter always came attached to a carpet panel, something I didn't want to get into. That was when I was contacted by a customer whose new carpets came with a hole that definitely needed filling.

Old gaiter

He posted me the old gaiter which I found was quite neat and trim. The bottom edge was shaped so that it matched the contours of the tunnel cover.

I carefully took it apart and then made some card templates of the main piece.

Working out how the top-sewn abnding was attached to the bottom edge took a few tries. The secret was to keep the cone inside out throughout sewing, similar to making headrests.


No attachments

When I posted off the prototype asked him to let me know how he attached the gaiter to his carpet. A couple of days later the reply came back "No need to attach the gaiter to the carpet. It pops over the gearstick and sits there as nice as anything." This goes to prove that I often over-think issues!

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