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USA headrests in development

A last minute project before Christmas

17 December 2022

Getting started

James contacted me from the USA saying he wanted to re-foam his fixed headrest, high-back seats. Was this something I could help with?

I already had a set of USA highback fixed headrest seats the headrest section looked tricky to trim up. Then again, I hate walking away from a challenge so went for it.

Once I started stripping a seat down it turned out that the main seat back foam is the same as the low back seats. This just left me to work out how to make the headrest piece.

A Spitfire USA high back fixed headrest seat frame
A USA high back fixed headrest seat frame


Single Piece Headrest

A quick Google showed other companies offered foams that needed to be glued together. This was not something that I wanted, a well finished foam is the base of a well finished seat.

I needed a curved front profile so developed a program for my CNC foam cutter. This supports the facing foam in the right places. The side profiles were tricky to get right so that the shape was correct while lining up all the edges. Finally cutting away where the frame protrudes.


I was able to ship James a pair of prototypes with the rest of his order just before Christmas.

Come the New Year I need to get some feedback on how they fitted his covers and come up with a plan to put them into production.

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