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These are padded vinyl door boards that can be fitted to the Spitfire Mk IV, Spitfire 1500 and the GT6 Mk3 doors. Whether it is the simpler appearance or the lower price that appeals, you can be sure that the build quality is top notch.


The backboards are the original hardboard type, cut using modern CNC machines for a perfect fit.


The vinyl is the same as the rest of the seats etc. so you can get a fully matched interior. All edges are glued and stapled along their entire length meaning there is no chance of anything coming loose over time.


They are available in all colours of vinyl.



These can be made in leather BUT I strongly recommend against it. Leather is great for soft trim like seats but is poor for hard trim panels. Leather is too thick to fit well and the hard edges are easily scuffed. Email me for more details if you're not persuaded.



2 x Door boards - left & right hand

200-003 Classic padded door boards - Spitfire GT6

  • Fitting skill level

    Easy - removing the window winder and latch are straightforward

  • Product number


  • Fits

    Spitfire IV, Spitfire 1500, GT6 Mk3

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