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All of the clips you need to retrim BOTH of you non-reclining seat backs PLUS some spares... no more hunting on the garage floor!

Old clips tend to be rusty and damaged. They don't hold the trim in place and often break when you try to refit them.

Don't leave the job half done... order them with your new covers and relax!


Kit contains:
14 x Edge clips + 2 spare (16 in total)
6 x Tubular frame clips + 2 spare (8 in total)

500-003 Seat back clips - NON recline

SKU: 500-003-xxx
  • Fitting skill level

    Moderate - makes fitting covers easier

  • Product number


  • Fits

    Seat frames - NON recline non headrest

  • Order quantity

    1 Kit per car (fits 2 seats with extras)

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