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Just like the originals. The cover is  glued directly to the hardboard panels to give a smooth, crease-free finish when fitted.


These fit over the rear wheelarches in your Spitfire MkIV and Spitfire 1500. To get the curve just right I recommend leaning the panels against a wall and carefully placing a weight in the middle. This will gently bow the panel smoothly overnight.


2 x Rear 1/4 panels - left & right hand

200-004 Glued Rear Quarter Wheelarch Panels - Spitfire

  • Fitting skill level

    Moderate - Bend them gently over time

  • Product number


  • Fits

    Spitfire Mk IV, Spitfire 1500

  • Order quantity

    1 Set per car (contains 2 panels)

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