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These boards finish off your seats. They help to pull the sides of the seat back down and anchor the cover to the frame. Without these boards your recliner handle may foul and scratch your covers.


They're made from the same 3mm hardboard as the originals. The shape has been optimised for different covers and are laser cut to ensure a great fit every time.


I also had the hooks specially made to match the originals and use special rivets to hold them securely in place.


They come in a set of four so ONE SET DOES BOTH SEATS.

Kit contains:
1 pair of boards for the left hand seat
1 pair of boards for the right hand seat

500-007 Recliner seat side stiffener boards

SKU: 500-007-BOT
  • Fitting skill level

    Easy - they slip into the side pockets

  • Product number


  • Fits

    Seat frames - Recliner headrest, Recliner non-headrest, USA high back recliner

  • Order quantity

    1 set per car (enough for 2 seat backs)

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