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The Spitfire seat hugs your back and sides giving you that great sports car feeling... unless your foam has turned to crumbs and is all over your carpet!.


If you're fitting new covers to your Spitfire or GT6 then new seat back foams are a great investment. My foams are designed to fit vinyl covers from Park Lane Classics, Rimmers, Moss etc. and give you a great finished seat.


Each foam is a single piece of modern foam - no chip foam, no hand cut parts, no glued seams. Using modern production materials and methods each foam is formed in a special mould giving superior fit and durability. 


The back is surfaced with calico, just like the originals. 


The headrest bracket fits in rectangular notch at the top of the foam.


The seat frames are handed so why are the foams not handed?

The handed parts of the frame are matched by the covers, side stiffener panels and the seat base. The area where the back foam sits is symetrical. This means the same foam will fit either a left hand or right hand seat so no cutting or adjustments are required. 


How many do I need?

You need 1 seat back foam per seat.

You need 2 seat back foams per car.


Each foam includes:
1 x Front seat back foam (not handed) enough for 1 seat.

You need 2 foams for a complete car.

600-002 Seat back foam recliner headrest frame - Spitfire, GT6

SKU: 600-002-One
  • Fitting skill level

    Medium. Fine for a first time trimmer. Take your time and follow the instructions carefully.

  • Product number


  • Fits

    Recliner headrest frames.

    Note - seats are very easily swapped between cars. Look at my guide for identifying your seats or email me photos of your seats.

  • Order quantity

    ONE - 1 foam for one seat (not handed)

    BOT - 2 foams for both seats (not handed)

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