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GT6 Rear Dickie Seat Development

Updated: Jun 7

24 April 2024

The GT6 rear seat (often called a Dickie seat) is not the most practical passenger solution. The space is very cramped but the smart appearance makes them a popular addition.

First, pattern the covers

I've started working with Yvonne, my seamstress, on making a set of covers for the litlle rear seat in a Triumph GT6. This is something that I get asked about regularly and Yvonne was given a a set of patterns that were made year ago. This week I've copied these onto card so the next step is to cut and sew a trial set.

GT6 rear dickie seat pattern for prototype
So many panels to make up the Dickie seat covers


An original GT6 rear Dickie seat arrives

3 May 2024

Good news! Stuart up in County Durham has sent me his seat to play with so that I can work on the foams and fitting instructions. There will probably be some head scratching to do between now and completion but we're making progress.

Update - It emerged that Stuart sent the seat back but doesn't have the cushion. Apparently this is a loose cushion that does not have a frame. This made a working out Yvonne's pattern so much easier.


23 May 2024

Yvonne made a start on the seat back, but with so many panels it has proven tricky. The styling of Yvonne's covers is also different to Stuart's. We're going ahead with sewing the pattern cover at the moment because Stuart's cover is more useful as a complete item.

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