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Park Lane Classics Youtube channel goes live!

Updated: 3 days ago

28th June 2024

I've taken the plunge and set up my own Park Lane Classics Youtube channel.


Giving you the best view of Spitfire and GT6 trim

I'm really excited about this because I've been planning how to make the films as useful as possible.

I wanted to put the viewer right in the heart of the action, looking at my workbench from the same angle as me. This will make how-to instructional videos especially useful because you will be seeing what I see, not from he other side of the table.

Bring on my specially designed camera and lighting rig.

video and lighting gantry on a workbench
Camera and lighting rig version 4 - not pretty but very effective

I can see through the camera screen as I'm working, making it so much easier to get the right shots and explain things better for you.


Steep learning curve

My first video is now live and shows the contents of my armrest kit. This is great for you to find out exactly what comes in the kit in greater detail than ever before.

I added an intro and an outro. The complexities of the end card links took a while to sink in but hopefully the subscribe and video links will work...

I've started editing my second video which is a full how-to instructional video for the Spitfire and GT6 Mk3 armrest kit. It covers everything from the tools and materials right through to rubbing the glue off at the end.

Lots of work still to do so I might upload it in sections in-between making orders.


Always aiming to be better

Let me know if you watch any of my videos and whether you found them useful. Any advice on making them better or how to spread the word on Park Lane Classics Youtube channel would be fantastic.

Have fun in the sun!

Cheers, Owen

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