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I love my headrest retrim kits! Each foam is fully moulded, no gluing or cutting so the fit is beautiful. All you need to do is slide your headrest stem into the foam, secure the cover with 8 staples, refit your metal trim plate and that's it!


Why don't I sell just the covers?... because your old headrest foam has turned to crumbs inside the cover. If you try putting a new cover onto your old foam you will end up with a complete mess... I've tried! 


Do you want to use your original covers - GREAT!


Finally, please remember that these are reproduction parts. I use modern materials to give the best results. Personally I feel happier knowing that there is new foam to cushion my head rather than the old rotten foam BUT they are not tested to any impact standards, new or old. 


Do I need to buy covers and foams separately?

No. If you buy the vinyl or leather headrests they come already fitted to the foams! 


I want to re-use my old covers, what do I do?

Great! These foams match the size and shape of the originals and YES they can be used inside original covers. Simply order 1 set of 'BOT - Bare Foams' to receive 2 foams ready for your covers. (Tip - For easy fitting, put the headrest foam inside a thin plastic bag and suck out the air with a vacuum cleaner. The foam will shrink, making it much easier to fit. It will go back to normal size when you open the bag. Leave the bag in place, it won't rustle.

Each kit includes:
2 x Headrest foams with covers fitted OR 2 x bare headrest foams

1 x Set of instructions 

600-004 Headrest retrim kit

  • Fitting skill level

    Easy - If you can use a screwdriver and staple gun then you're good to go!

  • Product number


  • Fits

    Removable headrests from recliner headrest seat frames

  • Order quantity

    1 set per car (1 kit does 2 headrests)

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